Time is consciousness

Philosophizing together over the relationship between consciousness and space- time.

Undersigned Keyzer, Johannes Hermanus Geradus, born 1st May 1945 in Groenlo and residing Winterswijk Miste 25, hereby declares to have determined the following 30 statements concerning metaphysics/physics, plus an appendix on realization, as follows
1. Time is past – present – future
2. Material finds its boundaries through and by consciousness
3. Time is consciousness because it is being (material) which is consciously focused
4. Time is space/material (loaded space)
5. Time is infinite/always
6. Outside consciousness nothing exists
7. Material is loaded space
8. Material is (frozen) consciousness
9. The main properties of time are of a regressive and progressive nature
10. The regressive force is gravity from which progressive force derives its energy
11. Time (consciousness) realizes reality
12. Material is coded
13. The working of time (evolution) is a process of verification and falsification.
14. Time is neither linear of circular.
15. Time is constant – knows no beginning or end. Its end is its beginning, regression and progression.
16. Time is the determining factor for both the size of the space as the size of the material.
17. Material is loaded space which can vary from visible particles to radiation energy with an (almost) unobservable frequency.
18. In consciousness dimensions can be brought together to one moment.
19. “Being” is a conscious matter because (technically) the observing power is dependant on the level of consciousness.
20. Decline and creation are the components of which time exists.
21. Material is constantly moving.
22. Speed – distance – light speed – distance – consciousness.
23. The process of evaluation is in fact nothing more than time lapse where time dictates the moments things happen.
24. “Dead” material does not exist.
25. Absolutely everything cannot be defined.
26. absolutely nothing cannot be defined.
27. Co-incidence does not exist – only what is exists.
28. Through and by consciousness the past/present and future can be known with the result of subjective/objective thought.
29. The process of our consciousness is in abstract, nothing more than a process of verification and falsification of the past to the future, space, the time , the consciousness.
30. Time is Alpha and Omega.

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