Time is consciousness

Philosophizing together over the relationship between consciousness and space- time.

Philosophizing brings more meaning to your existence.

Imagine yourself as an astronaut searching for the planet called Universalia. On arrival you will definitely be confronted by the conflict between space and time. I invite you to take the trip and have the nerve and courage to lift somewhat the veil of universalia via a summary and possible abstract explanation. The core of our philosophy is the relationship between conscious -being and space -time. I constantly showcase my vision within the framework of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory. Starting point the trinity space – time – reality. See statement s no 2 – 10- 14- 17 – 18 – 19- and 20 of my time theory.

Re interpretation:

The final structure of the element for photons as well as electrons is one of frequent order – related to the wave particle duality. The perception of this order is a conscious matter because the notable power is dependent on the level of consciousness. Technically in the act of interference, imaging takes place, objectification , it is temporarily brought into form or we are informed (Plato: idea/Aristoteles; form).

Pulse and position or idea and form are complementary or rather, removing or questioning the idea of an architect causes the building to collapse (statement 10). The power with which the time holds the connection between pulse and position I call timeboundness, the regressive force, the force which is responsible for the collapse of the populair saying sell by date. (Paradox Schrödingers cat).

Albert Einstein had in his time a great deal of difficulty with this thought process because he preferred to believe in the existence of naive reality, a reality which would exist if we weren’t looking. He proposed to expand on the quantum experiment by using a mirror reflection to still detect the photon. Niels Bohr (1885 – 1965) was of the opinion that the observer and the object being observed are inherently intertwined. The Copenhagen Interpretation (1927) was especially defended by Bohr.

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