Time is consciousness

Philosophizing together over the relationship between consciousness and space- time.

Definition of conscious and being.:

Conscious stands for conceptual informative space:Being stands for a relative reality, it is the time from out which the consciousness realizes reality, up to the moment of observing this reality remains concealed for us (uncertainty principal Heisenberg). In the space that the time provides us with lies our conscious freedom. Existential freedom.

The time phenomenon related to the sense of God.:

Would we harm God and people who believe in him by translating the idea we have of him as total consciousness and the human soul, inspiration as a part of the total consciousness. Could we strengthen this hypothesis further by seeing God as a form of discordant creativity, an all creating/determining factor. That total consciousness reveals itself by means of time, time lapse. Everything that exists , including ourselves, exists and is determined by time force. Quote (Richard Elliott Friedmann): From this perspective we can see human consciousness as an element whereby humans were created in Gods image. They would wear the stamp of godliness just as the rest of the universe and would own the central element consciousness which enables them to take part in a unique way in the progression of godly creativity.