Time is consciousness

Philosophizing together over the relationship between consciousness and space- time.


These statements are a result of years of passionate study. Born 01-05-1945, I was raised a catholic and married with no children. I followed a technical course working in among others the agricultural machinery sector. I have travelled widely and thereby developed an interest in other cultures and the reason for existence. In 1987 I studied cultural science at OU Heerlen where the philosophy section really attracted me. The turning point was Descartes body/mind. From 2009 – 2012 I had the privilege to work together with Pater Helwig, theologist / philosopher (Slangenburg Monastery) and to revisit the works of Augustinus on space and time.
I have consciously set op the introduction to my theory in a social media style to facilitate the intake. My time theory is a simple version of many years of study from 1975. My first sources were Russell Bertrand, Heidegger, Wittgenstein en Nietzsche. In 1978 I took a land trip, by land rover, via Ancient Greece and Turkey to Egypt, land of the Pharoes and then on to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India with our final destination Tibet. This impressive journey was the source of inspiration and prelude to further exploration of the history and philosophy of the ancient cultures.
My time theory is:
Inspired by: G. Helwig
Judged by: S. Hawking
Screening by: W. Derkse
Translation by: V. Haygarth